Ricardo Randall started Ashtanga in 2001 with his uncle Rodolfo Arizpe. His passion for yoga continued through intensive study, becoming certified in Pilates, Rocket, Thai massage, the Chakra system and meditation. He has travelled to Mysore, India since 2006, studying from the source of Ashtanga Yoga with Sharat Jois. He became Authorized Level 1 to pass on the Ashtanga tradition in 2010 and opened his own studio Ashtanga Mysore Tradition Yoga. He has been practicing for over twelve years, with over nine years experience of teaching.

He is living proof that yoga can heal the body and spirit. In 2010 he broke his back and since then has received four operations. He has become specialized in protecting and strengthening the back, skeletal and body systems. He has developed a personal and hands on approach that allows the student to develop at their own individual pace even with injuries or physical limitations. His philosophy is to remain a student, sharing what he has learned. He gives credit to all his teachers along the way such as Larry Shultz, Rolf Naugonut, Alan Wallace and most of all his students.